Basic Functions

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aberon STORE REPLENISHMENT is a complementary module of aberon F-DRP and is responsible for the replenishment of a retail chain's stores.

As opposed to the replenishing of the central warehouse and regional independent warehouses which is based on the MRP model, the replenishment of stores is automated on the basis of the model “Optimal Ordering Point” of the classic stock management theory, which is computed by the aberon STORE REPLENISHMENT.

This is an efficient approach as the time period needed for store replenishment by the central warehouse is minimal, compared to the time needed for replenishing the central and regional warehouses. The store replenishment process is fully automated as the aberon STORE REPLENISHMENT automatically issues the orders for replenishing the stores, according to the replenishment plan.

For each store the System specifies the lead time, the weekly replenishment frequency, and the desired level of customer service (CSL: Customer Service Level).

aberon STORE REPLENISHMENT processes historical sales, eliminates the “noise” originating from promotional activities or stock outs and based on the above parameters, calculates and forwards for execution the optimal replenishment orders.

In the event of promotions (offer, brochure, discount coupon, etc.), when sales are expected to increase, the user activates a change in the key parameters for the period the promotion is scheduled. When the schedule is over, aberon STORE REPLENISHMENT takes control and automatically returns the parameters to optimal values.