Aberon PicCart Logo 112x57The aberon PICK CART system is mainly used for picking medium and slow-moving SKUs and is an alternative solution to the conventional way of picking using picking lists or RF portable terminals. The main concept of the system is based on simultaneous order picking in the warehouse.

The aberon PICK CART is a wheeled system with various order picking slots, which are equipped with microcomputers (pick by light tags). The system communicates in real-time with the WMS , ERP or the legacy system of the company via wireless communication.
The orders to be filled are assembled in order groups, according to the number of picking slots on the cart. Each order corresponds to a slot on the aberon PICK CART.

  The aberon PICK CART directs the picker via the optimal route to the picking locations, indicating for each product the quantities required for each order linked to the aberon PICK CART.

 The picker goes to the picking location indicated by the system and uses a mounted scanner to read the barcode of the SKU location, or the barcode on the SKU stored at that location. The tags on the aberon PICK CART light up and indicate the quantities of the particular item at the picking position required for each order.

 The picker places the quantities in the slots on the aberon PICK CART indicated by the tags and presses the confirmation buttons. In case of a shortage, the picker can decrease the quantities he picks by pressing the auxiliary keys.

  With one route of aberon PICK CART inside the warehouse, a batch of orders can be picked simultaneously, thus drastically reducing picking time and consequently the direct labour cost.