Aberon DataCollector Logo 112x57aberon DATA COLLECTOR is a device for object physical data capturing, consisting of a weighing scale, distance sensors and one camera that allows automatic and fast capturing of an object's  physical characteristics (weight, dimensions, volume, photo) and updating of the information in the aberon WMS database or in any other legacy database.

datacolector1Optimizing operations regarding Warehousing and Distribution Operation, requires the existence of the items' physical characteristics (dimensions, volume, weight and photo), a requirement that many times constitutes a time-consuming and hard process, especially in cases that the company has to measure, in a conventional way, the characteristics of thousands of objects and, then, to enter them manually into the ERP or WMS system. The entry of items' physical data in the ERP or WMS is an error-prone procedure, entailing side effects on the subsequent operations of the supply chain operations.

The aberon DATA COLLECTOR is connected to a nearby work station equipped with a barcode scanner.


The system's operation is simple:
The operator places the object on the platform of the device and scans the item barcode using the barcode scanner that is connected to the work station.  If the item has no barcode, then the operator selects it from the items' search list.

By scanning the item's barcode, aberon DATA COLLECTOR identifies the item from the database and at a fraction of a second, measures its dimensions, calculates the volume, captures the weight, takes a photo and finally updates the WMS or ERP database.

There is a lot a of aberon DATA COLLECTOR variations, for measuring from small items up to big pallels and for weighing from grams up to tons.