Aberon WEB LOGO 112x57The system manages Distribution Centers that undertake the execution of the electronic orders. The input of orders, the update of expected order files; (ASN) via Internet and Extranet, the capability to monitor the progress of the order fulfillment and the stock availability that is provided to authorized users, constitute some of aberon WEB main features.

aberon WEB is the information system that allows exchange of information regarding the supply chain via the Internet.

The main types of transacting parties served by aberon WEB are:

  • Depositor: The term 'depositor' regards the company that is served by the distribution center(s) and is the owner of the stock. In case of a 3rd party logistics company, the depositor is the client of the 3rd party logistics company that offers agreed storage and distribution services.
  • Client: The client is the client of a company or, in case of 3rd party logistics company, the client of a depositor.

For each user transacting with the distribution center, user name and password are set up in aberon WEB. Depending on the transacting party type, the aberon WEB application displays a different menu to the user.

Benefits from using aberon WEB

  • Decrease in the time consumed in no value added procedures.
  • Improvement of Client Service and decrease in Shortages in Client Orders
  • Reliable and secure data transfer online
  • Two-way communication at real time window with the client
  • Decrease in warehouse workload
  • Improvement in the cooperation with the clients and decrease in the delivery time
  • Timely diagnosis of future problematic bottlenecks
  • Better planning of the supply chain operations
  • Decrease in the company's management costs
  • Enhancement of the company's competitive advantages
  • Faster response at the lowest possible cost