Aberon Warehousemanagement Logo 112x57 Warehousing is a vital component in the current supply chain management environment. A company's success is currently based on the timely and error-free satisfaction of the clients' needs. This is a requirement that cannot be met by companies that are based on conventional warehouse management systems or manual procedures.

A company that is able to cover its clients' needs rapidly, without errors, and at a low cost, acquires a significant competitive advantage in the supply chain industry.

 The key to acquiring such a competitive advantage is a flexible IT system for Warehouse Management that is able to automate all supply chain processes.

aberon WMS is a flexible Warehouse Management Information System and constitutes the main core of the solutions provided by VELTIONoptimum for managing and optimizing the supply chain. aberon WMS is friendly, easy-to-use, flexible and modular. It has been created this way so as to insure that all your customers’ specific needs can be met.

aberon WMS can be used to manage, in the same effective way, a wide range of warehouse activities. From warehouses using wireless terminals to fully automated distribution centres, aberon WMS is a complete solution.