Aberon Billing Logo 112x57aberon BILLING is an Automatic Charge Calculation and Service Billing System for third party warehousing companies (3rd Party Logistics - 3PL).
aberon BILLING sets out the contractual pricing terms, so that the calculation of charges can be made by using an automated process.

The main categories of charges are:

  • Labour charges
  • Storage charges
  • Services

 Labour charges regard the works of receiving the inbounds and picking the clients' orders. Storage charges regard the rent for the time that merchandises are kept in the warehouse, while services regard other services provided (transportation, kitting, etc). Other charges may include: insurance costs, issue of vouchers, re-packing etc.

The system calculates charges based on particular scenarios of the client or the item related to the initial storage and transaction type, the recurring storage charges, the additional charges and transportation costs. Irrespective of the billing requirements agreed with each client, e.g. quantity, weight, volume or any other measurement unit, the aberon BILLING system may support many different scenarios.

The aberon BILLING system has been designed in order to have the same flexibility as the remaining aberon WMS system, so that 3PL provider has the capability to determine how detailed the billing of the clients or the items in the warehouse will be.