Aberon Prepacker Logo 112x57The aberon PREPACKER application is an avant-garde expansion of aberon WMS, that turns the activities relevant to the fulfillment of client orders from reactive process into proactive process. This means that, by using aberon PREPACKER, each client order, after being processed, acquires a specific and predetermined structure. Thus, for each order, even before it is picked, the system knows the number of full pallets, the number of full cartons and the cartons of mixed content. For each mixed-content carton, the system knows its content in single items. The a priori knowledge of the order's structure is useful for route planning and for order picking using various picking systems, such as pick-by-light, voice picking, pick cart, etc. The aberon PREPACKER algorithm is based on complex Operational Research algorithms.
The orders transferred by ERP WMS are grouped per client or remain autonomous and are forwarded to aberon PREPACKER for processing. The aberon Prepacker's function is performed automatically or by order waves via a scheduler, or by the user executing the PREPACKING process on selected client orders.